35th Anniversary
Rich History, Bright Future

In 2012, The Bartech Group celebrated its 35th anniversary. Growing rich in history, loyal clients and talented employees, Bartech has decided to commemorate this milestone with events, company profiles and client and employee appreciation celebrations.

In addition, we want to thank the founder of Bartech - John W. Barfield - who 35 years ago envisioned a global and powerful contingent workforce industry that was decades away from realization. In turn, Mr. Barfield and all of Bartech’s senior leadership team want to thank the hardworking employees and the gifted consultants who every day, make the Bartech name one of integrity, diligence, ingenuity and fidelity.

For 35 years, Bartech has been a company always leading in service, in talent, in results and in industry innovation. We endeavor every day to lead on, knowing where we came from and with eyes focused clearly on a bright future ahead.

To learn more about Bartech workforce management, staffing, BPO and consulting solutions, call 800.824.2962 or email bartechinfo@bartechgroup.com.

35 Years in Business and Always Leading